Vogue Mod Silicone Benwa Balls

Vogue Mod Silicone Benwa Balls

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You will be enamored with the look and feel of these stylish Benoit balls. The Mod Benoits are perfectly weighted for pelvic floor strengthening and stimulating the vagina. The chic textural design is not just for looks alone but for stimulation as well: Mod is gently rounded and coated in softly superior silicone for ultimate comfort. A separate set of mobile, inner weights provides stimulation and challenge as you move. Once inserted, the game begins. How long can you keep them in? Try keeping a progress chart and celebrate when your partner notices a difference. 

Measurements: 4.13 inch overall length, each ball is 1.75 inches long and 1.6 inches in diameter 

Material: Silicone 

Color: Purple with Black accent

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