Trinity Sex Swing

Trinity Sex Swing

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Swing into action with The Trinity Sex Swing. The variety of positions that can be enjoyed with this swing will definitely help spice up your love life. The swing has padded supports for your back, butt/thighs, and feet/calves. The swing also has a torque bar for added support for your wild love making sessions. Extra-wide nylon straps with self-tightening buckles for adjusting for the perfect comfort fit.

The Trinity Sex Swing is easy to install. Installation is quick and simple and only requires a few common tools (not included). Instructions for installation are included as is the mounting hardware. Please consider the weight-bearing capability of your installation spot.

Note: Swing Stand Sold Separately (See Below). 


Hanging the Trinity Swing: The Trinity Swing is super easy to set up. It comes fully assembled with the padded butt, back, and leg straps already hanging from the support bar. All you have to do is hang it, adjust the straps to your preference and you’re ready to go. You just need a place to hang it. Doorway Installation This is by far the easiest way to hang your swing since most people have doorways. It does slightly limit your range of motion, but it is most convenient. First find the center of your doorway and mark that spot. Tap the pointy end of the eyelet screw into that spot with a hammer and proceed to twist the eyelet screw into the wood. You should sink all of the threading into the wood for a secure hold. First drilling a small pilot hole may make it easier to install the eyelet screw. Once the eyelet screw is in, do not remove it. Removing and reinstalling the eyelet screw will weaken the wood and increase the chance that your swing will break loose mid-play. Test securely before using. Ceiling Installation By hanging the swing in the open you’ll get the full benefit of its mobility. Simply use a stud finder to locate a strong ceiling beam. Center the pointy end of the eyelet screw on the beam above your desired hanging point, and pound it in with a hammer. Once the point has been sunk twist it till the threads have disappeared completely into the beam. Drilling a small pilot hole first may make this easier. Remember, once the eyelet screw is in, do not remove it. Repeatedly inserting and removing the eyelet screw can weaken the wood, increasing the chance of your swing falling mid-play. Test securely before using. Using a Swing Stand Swing stands are sturdy, portable, easy to set up, and don’t involve putting holes in your ceiling. If those things appeal to you we recommend that you look into purchasing one. Hanging the Swing Now that you have a hanging point, simply attach one of the carabiners to the ring at the top of the support bar and the other carabiner to your hanging point. Simply clip the spring between the two carabiners and you’re ready to ride. If you need the swing to hang lower, add the chain in between the top carabiner and the spring. By adjusting the length of the chain you can adjust the height that the spring hangs at. CAUTION: The spring is made to hold up to 200 pounds. If the partner supported by the spring is over 200 pounds or the combined weight placed on the swing exceeds 200 pounds use the chain only. Excessive weight on the spring may damage it. Using only the chain, the love swing can support up to 400 pounds. Keep in mind, in most acts only one partner’s weight will be fully supported by the swing. Using Your Trinity Swing The Trinity Swing opens up countless love making possibilities and is easy to use. First the partner in the swing should get comfortable, supported by the butt strap, back strap, and leg straps. When first using the swing it can take some experimentation to get the straps adjusted ideally and get the swing to the perfect height. Once one partner is floating on the swing you’ll find them easy maneuver. You can move them freely back and forth, side to side, or spin them around. The support bar makes a great one handed maneuvering bar. You’ll find that from a sitting position that all of your partner’s more sensitive spots are easily accessible without straining your neck. You can take your time effortlessly pleasing your partner. With your partner in the swing it’s easy to adjust them for effortless penetration at a wide variety of angles. Using your combined imaginations you’ll no doubt find countless ways to make love in ways that would have previously been impossible. WARNING: Suggested weight limit not to exceed 400 lbs. Install and use at your own risk Heavy Duty Spring Support Ring Carabiners Back Strap Butt Strap Leg Strap Eyelet Screw Chai

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